Past Events

Shenzhen (November 15 - 17 2019)

Theme: This Game Self-Destructs

The inaugural Arcade Jam was held in Shenzhen, China, where participants from around the world spent the weekend gathering parts from the world's largest electronics market and building their own games at the Steamhead Maker Space!

Market Tour

The participants having formed their teams and game concept, visited Hua Qiang Bei electronics market on the second day to purchase parts for their games. We visited several buildings, including SEG for arduinos, sensors and connectors and the LED building for lights, kinects and more.

Teams & Games

After an initial round of brainstorming and getting to know each other, groups were formed based on ideas that reasonated with participants. Each of the team had winsome games:

Last Woman Standing

Mindsmasher the robot goes crazy - and spins in the middle, with needles spinning around. Players shape the maze - and place balloons inside the maze. the idea was inspired by the theme of "Self Destruction", in the plan shifted drastically. because the joy stick wouldn’t work (…) the mindsmasher is a car that cannot and will not stop spinning.


Princess the AI cat goes on various space related adventures. Not visible online, but hardware componenets included flashing Neopixel LEDs, a really loud alarm, an air purifier acting as a smoke machine to act as various spaceship functions and features.

Play Game

It's all gravy, baby

Save the planet from self destruction, you can have the joint sensing interaction. Made using Kinect and a lot of love and solder.

Candleman Must Die

Inspired by the kind gameboy designs in the 80s, Harrison adopted a 2D pixel design to create a game that is a fun intepretation around the theme of self-destruction. Different people could use their own buttons, or physical equipments to connect to the game and release tension by constantly pushing the button, which inadvertently kills the candleman.

Lethal Prototypes

A lethal pinball game from leftover pizza boxes from the game jam! Depending on where the ball lands, it would shock you -- or trigger the game to combust in flames.

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